Friday, April 6, 2007

Here's a picture of the famous "Dutchy boy" we adopted him last year. His real name is Dutch but Sarah has deemed him her Dutchy boy for a long time now. Had we not adopted him at a year old he surely would have been called something way cooler like...Neo or more likely Morpheus. My husband loves the matrix!
Dutch is a puggle which is a designer breed dog. This hybrid breed is produced by mating a female Beagle with a male Pug. Most puggles are fawn in color so he is a little more rare. He is a crazy little puppy with tons and tons of energy. He is full grown now at a whole 28 lbs. He's not gigantic by any means but 28lbs is slightly heavy for a lap dog that insists on giving you hugs.
Now you all have a clear picture in your mind for when you hear me refer to " that damn dog" or many of the other expletives that come flying out of my mouth on a daily basis. He is awful cute with his silly tongue hanging out itsn't he?

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Amy Elizabeth said...

Good to put a face with a name! Too cute. My dog thinks his full name includes some curse words, lol!